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Insurance Plans

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, protect it! As a homeowner is your responsibility to have an up to date insurance policy to cover you from any damages to your house. Regardless if you have a mortgage still left on your house or not, you should protect your investment and your valuables. Get affordable homeowners insurance quote through Insure-Link so we can help guide you to the policy that fits your needs.

Condo Insurance

Regardless if you own a condo in a high rise building or a townhouse, you can’t afford to be caught without condo insurance. Most likely the master insurance policy purchased by your homeowner’s association only covers the exterior and common areas of your building, not your personal items or interior structures. Condo insurance protects you from an array of losses including:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • It even protects you against liability if someone gets injured.

Protect what’s yours; get a condo insurance quote today!

Renters Insurance

Do you own a TV? How about nice jewelry or a computer? Renters’ Insurance covers you in the following events:

  • Storm
  • Fire
  • Theft

For mere dollars a month, you can guarantee the safety of your belongings and rest assured you have a game plan in the event of the unfortunate. Get your renters insurance

Landlord Insurance

Renting your property? Protect it! Landlord insurance gives you the peace of mind while your investment appreciates. In the event there was a loss or damage done to your property, landlord insurance would provide you with the replacement value to the limits specified. Keep what’s yours no matter who is living in it; get a Landlord insurance quote today!

Personal Auto Insurance

Car insurance isn’t always as straight forward as some people believe. A lot can affect what produces the total premium including the combination of different factors. Let an Insure-Link agent guide you through the process of choosing the best fit insurance company for your particular situation. They will compare coverage levels, deductibles options, and addition coverage’s such as rental cost replacement and towing. Request an auto insurance quote today!

Boat Insurance

Don’t go down with the ship! Before your boat or personal watercraft hits the high seas make sure you’re protected from the unforeseen. A boat and personal watercraft insurance policy protects you against:

  • Accidents
  • Vandalism
  • Liability
  • You can even add additional coverage to protect you against an uninsured boater

Get a boat insurance quote today and be worry-free!

Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you own a cruiser, tour bike, scooter, or sport bike, we can find you a great rate and coverage plan. Motorcycle insurance covers:

  • your bike
  • any medical costs that may result from the unexpected
  • Theft

The open road is yours; take it and let us handle the rest, request your motorcycle insurance quote.

Umbrella Insurance

Do you enjoy getting wet when it rains? How about paying money out of your pocket when your standard policy coverage’s meet their max limits? Of course you don’t, that’s why an umbrella insurance policy is right for your peace of mind. Umbrella insurance adds additional limits to any existing insurance policy from boat to homeowners. If you have damages in excess of your standard insurance policy, umbrella insurance will cover the rest up to the maximum limit of the policy. Don’t get caught off guard, get an umbrella insurance quote today!

Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane and wind protection is vital to Floridans. The amount of extreme weather we receive here in Florida is as devastating as it is unpredictable. Hurricane and wind insurance will provide your assets a safety net in the event the unimaginable occurs. If you leave in Florida request your hurricane insurance quote today and an Insure-Link representative will answer all your questions and concerns to get you protected for less!

Flood Insurance

Floods can happen to anyone, anywhere, especially in South Florida. This is why we offer flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Your homeowner’s policy most likely does not cover flood damages, so for a small amount more, you can protect your home and valuables from this most dire of situations. Get a flood insurance quote today!

Life Insurance

Ensure your family’s needs are taken care, when it’s most needed, by insuring your family’s income is replaced if something were to happen to you. Preparing for your survivors guarantees your loved ones a sense of stability during a very unstable time. Request a life insurance quote and an Insure-Link representative will explain the various options at your disposal.